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Reset for Phillips Hue bulb and Ikea Trådfri bulb without bridge

I am currently working on getting our home more smart. The first step I did was buying an Athom Homey controller. I might write another blog post regarding this smart device.

Now where I had a controller, I started adding some devices. I had a few Z-wave devices which was the easy part. One of the smart thing about Athom Home is the support for both Z-wave and Zigbee. This makes it possible to add bulbs from different vendors without need for multiple controlleres/gateways. I found out that it was not as easy as I thought. By not having a Phillips Hue Bridge or Ikea Trådfri Gateway, it actually was hard to reset bulbs.

However, after searching for hours I found the following two solutions.

Reset Philips Hue White Bulb using Philips Wireless Dimmer

Hue Wireless Dimmer

  • Turn on the bulb
  • On the Wireless Dimmer Hold On and Off button down for 5 sec while holding the remote close to the bulb.
  • If it works, the bulb will blink twice.

Reset IKEA Trådfri 1000lm bulb

This was a bit harder. The short guide, which was easy to find everywhere, where many complains that it didn’t work.

Turn on/off the bulb 6 times

This did not work for me. Some then wrote it was important, that the bulb was the only smart bulb turned on on the zigbee network, while doing it. Last another suggestion, was to move the bulb close to the controller. None of those did help me to get the bulb reset, so I could add it to my Athom Homey.

The solution was in the end found here at the github page for the Ikea app

You could try resetting them with following steps; pair to steering device, control bulb to see if paired, bulb off (2 sec), reset steering device by clicking pair 4 times in 5 sec, bulb off (5sec), bulb on (0.5sec), bulb off (2 sec), bulb on (0.5sec), bulb off (2 sec), bulb on (0.5sec), bulb off (2 sec), bulb on (0.5sec), bulb off (2 sec), bulb on (0.5sec), bulb off (2 sec), bulb on (0.5sec), bulb off (5 sec), start Homey add device wizard, bulb on.

This solution worked for me, even though the bulb was in another room and other zigbee bulbs was activated and turned on at the same time.

I hope this would help others.